We pride ourselves on producing real, business changing results for our clients.

If you’re not on social media, does your brand really exist? In today’s world, the answer is no. And with 68% of consumers searching online reviews, blogs and social pages before making any purchase decisions, the importance of a strong online brand presence has never been clearer.

Your social presence should be a combination of four key pillars; a consistent brand aesthetic, strategic planning and content generation, community engagement and management, and social media advertising. These four things work harmoniously together to create optimal results. One without the other will not make a successful marketing strategy.

Strategic Planning & Content Generation

Any successful execution of a campaign starts with one simple word; strategy. But don’t be fooled, defining your brand strategy and objectives is no simple feat, and that’s where we come in. We start by delving deep into your business, identifying your key objectives and audiences, and finding out exactly who we’re trying to speak to and what their habits are.

Our team analyze the market to create a strategic plan of attack when it comes to creating, posting and sharing your content. It’s not simply enough to have a beautiful page, and our team work to ensure your content is achieving the objectives it was designed for.

We work with an extended group of creatives ranging from photographers to videographers and everything in between to generate unique content.

A modern audience is much more likely to engage with video or photography than with text. This is why we ensure that the content produced on behalf of your brand is of the best quality, and that the distribution methods are highly strategic.


Community Engagement and Management

It’s not enough to post good content and hope the rest will follow. The online market is a community, not unlike the physical communities you’re a part of. Your brand needs to exist as more than just a collection of media, and that’s where our specialized tactics for community engagement come in. Our brand management ensures your pages are consistently commenting, liking, collaborating, reposting, and responding to interactions with a fast turnaround, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Community engagement is a massive contributor to the growth of your business, as we make sure you’re connecting with potential users of your product or service.

So you’re not left wondering if all of this is worth your while, we provide each client with a customised monthly report. Consider it a snapshot into the extensive insights that your social media platforms allow you. Reporting provides a full breakdown into performance of not only your social activity, but the outcomes of monthly e-newsletters, ad words campaigns and website activity sourced through Google Analytics.

Reporting allows us to review whether or not targets are being achieved, and from this we provide recommendations on how to move forward.

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